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Store Closures

We will be closing early (6pm) Friday 9th for a staff party.  Also, we will be closed Monday 12th for Family Day.

Get your games early and enjoy them with your families.


February 8, 2018

Gloomhaven in stock at last!

Good afternoon, beautiful people!  We’re happy to announce that Gloomhaven, the exceedingly popular cooperative fantasy adventure in a 14-pound box has finally arrived in store.  Come grab your copy while it’s in stock!

Further good news is that the superb decolonization game, Spirit Island, has returned as well!  What’s more, Terraforming Mars has gotten a reprint just in time to complement the release of its second expansion, Venus Next!  It’s a good time to like board games, friends.

January 18, 2018

Holiday Hours

We will be closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day so our staff can enjoy the holidays.

We will also have shortened hours on the following dates:

Christmas Eve:  12pm – 4pm
Christmas Day:  Closed
Boxing Day:  12pm – 5pm
New Year’s Eve:  12pm – 5pm
New Year’s Day:  Closed

December 20, 2017

Sale on all game expansions this holiday season!

photo credit @boardgameaday

From December 1st through 31st we’re offering discounts on every expansion in the store!  Each expansion will be discounted 20%* on its own, or 30%* if you buy it with a copy of its base game!


*Exceptions include expansions published by Fantasy Flight Games and other publishers under the Asmodee umbrella due to their MAP policy, but we’ll still discount 10%-15% in those cases!

November 28, 2017

We will be closed Saturday November 11th in remembrance

We will be closed Saturday November 11th in remembrance.

November 9, 2017

Closed Monday October 9th for Thanksgiving

Come in Friday-Sunday to get your games before the family comes over for dinner.  We will be closed Monday so we can play board games with our families.

October 4, 2017

Thanksgiving sale – Colonization must go! 20% sale on colonialism-themed games, Friday Oct 6th through Sunday Oct 8th!


This Thanksgiving weekend, we’re celebrating by purging the store of colonialist games.  We need your help!  Starting Friday, October 6th and ending Sunday, October 8th, we’ll have our display table full of games ranging from Catan to A Feast for Odin to Imperial Settlers, all of which will be discounted 20% off their sticker price.

October 2, 2017

Robinson Crusoe, Codenames: Duet, Spirit Island, and Unearth

Hello sweet gamers, hope you still like board games because we’ve got some new ones, hot off the presses!

First, we’ve got reprints of Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, and a couple of Uwe Rosenberg classics, Le Havre and Glass Road.

In the realm of the new, we’ve got Codenames: Duet, a 2-player, fully cooperative version of 2016’s Spiel des Jahres winner.  Now in a fetching lime green!

Encouraging more cooperation, we have the anti-colonialist Spirit Island, in which you protect your island from colonists by playing as abstract concepts such as River Surges in Sunlight and Vital Strength of the Earth.  Each spirit has entirely different strengths and niches and although the game is fairly complex, there’s loads of room for smart decisions, cool combos, and great teamwork.


Unearth is an accessible, attractive dice placement game in which you’ll compete to claim the most ancient ruins, and honour your ancestors by assembling great wonders.  With multiple strategies and plenty of ways to mitigate your luck, Unearth is straightforward enough for kids while remaining entertaining for adults.


August 26, 2017